8 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Niseko

Fun Facts You Never Knew About Niseko - Rakuichi Niseko Soba Master

On the northernmost island of Hokkaido, Japan lies the snowiest place on the planet – Niseko. This place is the premier destination in Japan for the global ski community. The massive amount of snow that falls daily makes it stand out from the other ski destinations globally. People of all age groups enjoy the Niseko winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, heli skiing & cat skiing, backcountry tours, snow mobile tours, snowshoes tours and more. More than perfect powder and unlimited skiing, Niseko also has a vast ancient heritage. The place has a wealth of remarkable cultural experiences that are conveniently […]

Top Reasons to Enjoy a Holiday Vacation in Niseko

Top Reasons to Enjoy Holiday Vacation in Niseko

When you picture Niseko, what is the first image that flashes across your mind? A spectacular winter wonderland that boasts the world’s best powder resorts right? While there’s no denying that Japan’s famed destination is a haven for ski enthusiasts, there is so much more to this enchanting village than just providing the adrenaline rush of riding down powdered steeps. The captivating countryside has mesmerising vistas of snow-capped mountains, lavish retreats, soothing hot baths, gourmet cuisine, vibrant bars, and a whole bevy of fun activities that will make you fall in love. If you haven’t yet visited Niseko, here are […]